Express PO without the need for real items?

Are there any ways to create a “free text” Purchase order where you could simply copy and paste a bunch of articles needing a PO, but without the need to first create real items, assign them to a category, etc…

I know this might be seen as bad practice, but sometimes you just want to make a PO with multiple rows for say “samples” (without having to click through the process of adding new items one-by-one, linking to categories, etc… risk is just high that the user creating the PO will create duplicate items rather than first searching em)

still looking for this, can it be done with simple forms somehow?

You still have to create an item, you can call it “Sample”, “Miscellaneous” etc

Agreed. What you can do is create a few items like above (Sample, misc, etc). When you add
the item to the PO, you should be able to edit the description to help identify the actual item.
For these items, I think you may want to exclude them from “track inventory”.