Expulsion of a student. How to delete student correctlly?

How to exit/delete/expulsion of a student, when he do not want learn program more?
What should I do in erpnext?

I haven’t used the education module but I think you can disable the student. Deleting student may not be possible as there would be records of the student.

Disable is not good. Because Student can use another Program in the future.
How to disconnect Student from program, courses, groupes and etc?

It depends a bit on how you’ve chosen to organize your data, but generally speaking it would not be a good practice to actually delete things like program enrollments, attendance, past assessments, etc.

Instead, if you remove the student from the Student Group they are in, they won’t be included in future transactions for that group.

Do you think, that I need delete Student from Group?
That’s all?

It depends what exactly you’re trying to do, but basically yes.

If the student is no longer in the group, they will no longer appear in attendance records, fee issues, assessment results, etc., because those things are generally generated from the Student Group document.

You don’t need to (and, in my opinion, you shouldn’t) delete past transactions.

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