Extend Accounts Browser

Hi all!

Having a great time learning ERPNext, amazing stuff.
I need to do some customisation on the accounts browser client side code (setting the account label based on user language). I need to redefine this function:


Where is the best place to do this? I cannot make a custom script from setup because it’s not a form…



Can you explain your change?


I would like to return the account label based on the user language. The issue is our staff in China needs to have their reporting in Chinese, but the COA is hard for us to read in Chinese. I’ve done it with item description already, but that’s easy with custom fields because they’re in regular forms.

I guess the question is, how can I add my own code without messing too much with the git repo so it won’t break when I update.

This is where I need to jump in:

It seems like you can delegate to the root node?

I just noticed the label is actually wrapped in __(this.label), does it mean I can translate it?