Extending Standard Control


I’m trying to understand something inside the doc but I can’t quite get the hang of it…

To be clear I’m actually playing with Client Script, on a custom doctype from a custom Module. Nothing written in app/folder, it is all “virtual”.
This may be the very first problem…

If what I said above is no problem, when you look at the code proposed from the doc, there is this first line:

frappe.ui.form.ControlData = frappe.ui.form.ControlData.$extend({...

What is this $extend? When I try to make simple script like this one:

frappe.ui.form.ControlInt = frappe.ui.form.ControlInt.$extend({
    make_input: function () {

I get this Error message: TypeError: frappe.ui.form.ControlInt.$extend is not a function

My goal is to play with some Standard Control, to add some “magic”.

For example: if you add some options to a ControlInt, I’d like it to become a slide range, by simply changing/adding the type, the step, the min and the max of the <input>.

So if anybody can point me in the right direction, it would be much appreciated!

Hello Friend
Same issue here, have you worked it out?