Extension of contacts to synchronize with Google contacts

Hello all,

Since the table contacts does not have the same structure of contacts in google contacts which has the following fields:

  • Multiple emails with Work, Home, Custom attribute
  • Multiple mobile phones with country information
  • Multiple Addreses with fields:
  • Street
  • PO Box
  • Neighborhood
  • City
  • State / province
  • Zip / Postal code
  • Country / Region
  • multiple Birthdays / dates
  • multiple Url
  • Nickname
  • Title and company
  • File as ( name used for sorting )
  • Notes
  • Relationship with other contact
  • Spouse
  • child
  • mother
  • father
  • parent
  • brother
  • sister
  • friend
  • manager
  • assistant
  • referred by
  • partner
  • domestic partner
  • other
  • multiple IM
  • multiple Internet Call
  • multiple custom fields
  • Contact ID
  • Last update timestamp
  • Contact source ( e-mail acount / user account )
  • Other (…)

The multiple options mean zero to many optional relationships with other tables.

What would be the best approach to synchronize contacts with google contacts and still maintaining compatibility with future versions of contacts tables deployed with ERPNext:

  1. Extend the existing contact table?
  2. Make new ones special for the purpose and associate it with a new module?
  3. Other way?

Thanks in advance.

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This seems to be right approach

Thank you @rmehta.


This is something I am interested in adding to my own ERPNext installation to get some syncing going on. Would you be open to sharing the code for this app?

Hello @Brandon_Fox, that’s exactly the idea. I will notify here when devs are available. Maybe you want to participate on the testing also.

Thank you in advance

I’ll participate anyway you need.

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Any news on this? Or it is implemented in v13?

Yup, give it a shot:


Thx for the reply. I got it working.

Please see my other thread on this topic Google Contacts Integration Duplicate Contacts - #7 by charleslcso

May be you can share some insight on this? Thx a lot!