[Extention] Browser extension to help you dev in Frappe

Hello Guys

I did create this extenstion to help me develop in Frappe and I thought that you may benefit from it in your work. to get started just install it from github or chrome web store and reload your page

Alt text


  • Force forms to save when clicking the (Save) button even if nothing changed
  • Highlight the hidden and custom fields in any DocType
  • Show & change hidden fields in any DocType
  • Show fields details including field name, type, options, etc
  • Copy any child table data from any ERPNext site
  • Insert your saved child table data to any ERPNext site
  • Save Customize Form custom fields from any ERPNext site
  • Insert your saved (Customize Form) custom fields to any ERPNext site
  • Bulk Edit all selected rows in the list view in one click

note: the extension still need improvements and more features but you may find it useful anyway
thank you


Thanks for sharing, let’s try it. :sunglasses:

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Hello, now it support child tables info fetch & basic doctypes data copy/insert between different sites :sunglasses: