External DB via RESTfull API

Is there any way to use external REST for data interchange from/to a Frappe app?.

For example:

I have an external database with a RESTfull api provided by Dreamfactory, and want in a transaction insert values via REST connection to the external database, validating values, or displaying data.

It must be executed in the server-side rather than client-side so it can be secured and authenticated easily.
May be an extension to the frappe framework?
Can someone point an example or clue making a extension like that to frappe?




Yes sure you can achieve that. Refer to the link rmehta provided above.

ERPNext have a good API by which you can certainly communicate with almost every doctype.

Thanks, I know Frappe has a REST api and I can access it from another app, but what I don’t have is a way to take from another app into Frappe, let´s say for validation purposes. Here in Argentina we have for example a IRS equivalent that validates electronic invoicing online. Data needs to be read from them and printed/saved with every invoice data. I`m a beginner with Frappe and seems that it is possible and a very useful feature, so I want to collaborate and make a module to do that if it doesn’t exist. Can some one give a clue for starting?

Use “requests”.

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