Extra cost on item

I want to know how I can add extra charges.
I have a taxes table for VAT after that I am using miscellaneous expenses as a “registration fee”.
I want registration done for specific items like a vehicle and it has registration.
How should I add extra expense for “REGISTRATION” and not miscellaneous expense?

If this is specific to items, you can set up an item tax template for such items. Check: Item Tax Template

Hope this helps.

You can add a new line item in taxes and charges table and book the expense there:

If the registration has to be booked separately from the invoice, ie, it is paid to another entity, you can create a separate invoice and book the expense in the invoice line item itself. For services, you can book the expense in an account head of your choice. Additionally, you do not need to create an item record if you don’t wish to.

For a physical item, for the valuation to include the additional expense, you can add a new line in the purchase receipt and select Valuation and Total so that the valuation is updated accordingly.

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hi, I tried to follow this, but i am confused with “parent account” what should that be? Since it is a car registration extra cost from the customer. They pay for the car, we add VAT then we add registration. So under what parent account is registration supposed to be?