Extract/Access value from list of dict objects

Hello Everyone,
this is the output of the above line : [{‘order_date’: datetime.date(2022, 9, 16)}, {‘order_date’: datetime.date(2022, 9, 14)}]
from above list how do i access the first value using indexing …
from using this ------- print(orders[0].order_date) .I got error - list index is out of range.
Anyone know how to achieve this,then pls tell me
Thank you
regards Sakshi

Not sure what are you trying to achieve if you want simple value you can also use frappe.get_value

And if you still want to use frappe.get_all then you can simply iterate over that list or you can put if condition before to check if that element exists

Actually i want to use only 1st index value of the above output list , and store this in a variable but I am unable to extract this particular data and get_all is also not working for the same