Extract data from HTML table

Hello everybody.

I’m trying to get values from table “other_charges_calculations” in “Purchase Invoice” but this table is a html Field and data only shows when I click in “Show tax break-up”.

I need some values of that table to use in other Doctypes, I tried using “fetch” and “frappe.model.with_doc” function but not found. Please I need help.

@daniel_chiluisa I think this is already answered elsewhere. HTML is just a placeholder for custom UI. The data is not saved.

Thanks for the answer, so if the data is not saved, How can I access to values of this table?

I have reviewed the python code and I think that I found the function which use the base to calculate the values in the table. is this true? /frappe-bench/apps/erpnext/erpnext/controllers/taxes_and_totals.py