Face Recognition for Check In and Check Out

Hey there,
I would like to use the face recognition system to check in/out. But I don’t know how to
connect the face recognition program to ERPNext. I would like some help with this matter
or if anyone has any opinions, they can offer it.
Thank you in advance.

There’s not much advice we can give in the abstract, as most of the work will depend on the particularities of your facial recognition device/software. ERPNext has a full REST api, so if you can get the data out of the facial recognition platform you. An almost certainly get it in to ERPNext.

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Develop custom app each time a person checks in or out the app will send the info to the respective module in ERPNext like the HR or payroll

Thank you.

I have developed an app for checking faces. But what I can’t do is pass the value into the ERPNext. I’m new so I don’t know where to start.

I don’t know anything about how your face checking software works, but there’s no need to create a custom app on the Frappe side. Just have your facial recognition software call the rest api endpoints to create new Employee Checkin records.


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I am using a modified facial recognition program from github GitHub - AarohiSingla/Face-Recognizer-Using-LBPH-Recognizer.

hi @11154, so you made a custom code for face recognition which is good, instead of using this code outside the frappe env, i suggest you to do these developments within frappe. similar things we developed within frappe but i can’t share the developments because of client policy but you can achieve all these within framework.

here are the few samples of developments…

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can you share the face recognition library you used in this ?? Thanks

here we used OpenCV and dlib but how you train your model is very important.

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Thank you for your guidance.

Is your camera launcher a program that runs in the background? Or have to leave this page open all the time.

i’m using the camera when it’s required but not in background as you can see in the picture. In our case we don’t want to open it all the time.

This is definitely worth the effort. I think if we just have one system to do it all… that should be ideal… do you have this published on github?

I have the same problem. If you have a answer, you can help me with that.

Hi Sahil I need Some help on this matter maybe you can’t give code but can guide me on this topic