Facing Internal server error

when I run sudo systemctl status mariadb.service code
I am getting the below one

can anybody please help me out with this

Try this command…
sudo systemctl start mariadb

Is your ERPnext version 14?

This should not affect the server access services, unless there is a problem with the installation or configuration of MariaDB…

At the beginning,

  • Check the activation of Nginx , and other services…
    You can execute the following set of commands:
sudo supervisorctl start all
systemctl list-unit-files | grep 'fail2ban\|nginx\|supervisor'
You will see an output like this:
fail2ban.service enabled
nginx.service enabled
supervisor.service enabled
  • If the Nginx issues are fine… and you are still facing the same problem…
    Do the following>> Testing the MariaDB Connection…
sudo systemctl start mariadb

mysql --user {your user} --password {password user} --host=localhost --protocol=tcp --port=3306 test

mysql --user frappe --password frappe --host=localhost --protocol=tcp --port=3306 test

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not working this command

Please help me