Facing issues while generating payroll entry

Hi All

  1. If an employee has joined in mid of the month he will start marking the attendance from the date of joining. let’s say the joining date is the 23rd of April. While validating the attendance for April month from 1st to 30th, in the payroll entry it’s showing that “employee left to mark the attendance”.

  2. Suppose one more employee joined on the 28th of April, and just to test the scenario, the payroll entry period is reduced to 23rd to 30th of April. System showing the same error for the second employee.

  3. For further testing the scenario the payroll entry period is again reduced to the 3 days only from 28th to 30th of April on this the salary slip is generated but according to the point 4 salary is being calculated for the full month.

  4. The salary is not being calculated based on the payment days, even if the corresponding checkbox is checked in the salary component. The salary is being calculated for the full month while working days as just three and these are available on the salary slip too.

Please suggest.

Was able to replicate this in my instance. We will get it fixed. Thanks

Hi All,

Any update or fix for this issue?

Hi Good Day, my opinion is based on what i understand in your comment… regarding issue # 1 this employee left to mark attendance is due to range dates are not filled up manually nor automatically. To work this around you can go to your shift type and set enable auto attendance while before making a payroll entry to avoid the issue on employee left to mark attendance.

Second in your payroll entry the date should be based on your shift type processing attendance and employee sync in… most of the time this is the cause of employee left to mark attendance.

On your number # 3 issue the salary will be deducted base on your salary structure setup if its monthly, bimonthly and so on.

Issue # 4 you can set formula and condition on your salary structure to process your payroll by payment days, absent days etc.

Hope this helps and kindly correct me if im wrong. God Bless.

What solution did you apply so that the pay days are calculated correctly from the attendance?