Facing problem in Unit Of Measure (UOM)

I purchase a CPU in the box, each box contains three CPUs and the buying UOM is a Box with a conversion factor of 3 and the selling UOM is NOS with a conversion factor of 1.
while generating the PO of CPUs, what will appear in the " Quantity" portion of PO, 3? as the Box contains 3 CPUs. And I sell individual CPUs so when I make an Invoice for CPUs will it fetch 3 CPUs or 1? please anyone
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This depends on the print format you have. You have to make sure that your print format takes the UOM field and not the Stock UOM. The Quantity field is always the quantity in the UOM field.
If the UOM doesnt match the items default uom ERPNext will convert it to the default stock uom which is in a field called Qty in Stock UOM

See example below

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While making the PO choose box as UOM so that 1 box will be equal to 3 Nos (stock UOM). You don’t have to do anything extra here.

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I suggest
set on Item itself
Stock UOM: Unit
Purchase UOM: Case

In Conversion table
Unit is 1 & Case is 3

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Thanks all the issue is resolved.