Facing problems in submitting sales order!

When i make sales order and try to submit it the items which i have entered automatically gets tick marked “supplier Delivers to customer”. if sales order contains one or two item than i can check individually, but in case of 30-40 items i can not…

It has been happening from last 2 weeks.

Please solve the issue.

This seems in your “Item” master you have define "Delivered by Supplier (Drop Ship)"inside supplier details section . thats why at the time of creating Sales order it automatically gets tick marked “supplier Delivers to customer”.

At the time of submitting SO if you uncheck then also that field seems uncheck.

Nope… that’s not the case, we have already checked all the items, none of them was tick marked delivery by supplier in “ITEM”.

PS: That’s the basic thing anybody would check first !!!

any solution anybody?

Can you check default value of the field “Supplier Delivers to customer” from Customize Form → Sales Order Item?

Hello Shraddha,
I have create one user having customer role only .after i login that user the user can not create the sales order …can u please help me for this…
for that i have create web form but i am confused in routing can u please help me .

Is that user having permission of creating Sales Order??

yes i already apply the permision

Hello @satish_malkar, if the user has only the role of Customer, then he cannot create sales order. Check in Role Permission Manager. Select the document type as Sales Order to check which roles have access to Sales Order and assign the role to the user accordingly.

Hope this helps!

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Here already i mention the role for the customer and assign the role accordigly

while creating sales order the item is not fetch automatic based on company and customer for that i have written custom script …for normal user is work fine but for the website user didnt work can anyone help for the same …