Facing User Type Problem of User when employee created

I created employee after click on create user button that time by default user type set as system user but it should be set as a Employee Self Service

Version : v15.12.0

Hi @Mraidev,

Employee Self-Service is not available after version 14. It was removed in the version 14.

Please check it.

Thank You!

Thanks for help to me
But My problem mention in following steps :-1:
1.Create Employee
2.Create user when employee is created
3.but using this process user type set as System User not set Employee Self Service

I am using this version

Installed Apps

Copilot: v0.0.2

ERPNext: v15.15.0

Frappe Framework: v15.16.1

Frappe HR: v15.12.0

Frappe Insights: v1.1.3

Payments: v0.0.1

And User Type set System Us

er not set employee self service :-This is the problem

I already told to you Employee Self Service is removed from version 14.

And also I explained the reference post.

You have the option to add a User Type. Additionally, if you wish to apply any specific logic, you can achieve it through code implementation.

Thank You!

Now I understand
Once again Thank you so much for help to me

If we want to user type employee self service like 14 version what is alternative/solution way?

You have to check it in the old version or its code and how to set it.