Fail install on CentOS7

It show

Running transaction
Installing : 1:wkhtmltox- 1/1
Error unpacking rpm package 1:wkhtmltox-
error: unpacking of archive failed on file /usr/local/bin/wkhtmltopdf: cpio: rename
Verifying : 1:wkhtmltox- 1/1

wkhtmltox.x86_64 1:

can everyone help me

ok i can solve it by my self

1 download wkhtml to my windows computer

2 extract wkhtmltox- by winzip

3 copy all file that extract to linux computer

4 edit comment ### don’t download and install wkhtmltox again


install_wkhtmltopdf_centos () {

    if [[ $OS == "centos" && $OS_VER == "7" && $T_ARCH == "i386" ]]; then
            echo "Cannot install wkhtmltodpdf. Skipping..."
            return 0

run_cmd wget$RPM

rpm --quiet -q wkhtmltox || run_cmd rpm -Uvh $RPM

5 save and run

bash --setup-production

I get the fail on ubuntu servers, on centos 7 its a clean install so far. But if its wkhtmltopdf that fails in any case, you can always manually install.

Just pull the install file to the server and run the command to install deb files