Failed to get site config upon performing a job

def get_site_config(sites_path: str | None = None, site_path: str | None = None) -> dict[str, Any]:
	"""Returns `site_config.json` combined with `sites/common_site_config.json`.
	`site_config` is a set of site wide settings like database name, password, email etc."""
	config = {}

	sites_path = sites_path or getattr(local, "sites_path", None)
	site_path = site_path or getattr(local, "site_path", None)

	if sites_path:
		common_site_config = os.path.join(sites_path, "common_site_config.json")
		if os.path.exists(common_site_config):
			except Exception as error:
				click.secho("common_site_config.json is invalid", fg="red")

	if site_path:
		site_config = os.path.join(site_path, "site_config.json")
		if os.path.exists(site_config):
			except Exception as error:
				click.secho(f"{}/site_config.json is invalid", fg="red")
		elif and not local.flags.new_site:
			raise IncorrectSitePath(f"{} does not exist")

	return _dict(config)

According to the get_site_config on frappe, seems like my site_config.json does not exist even though it is exist in my site folder. Any suggestion on resolving this? I’ve tried to migrate & build the site but still getting this error.

Hi, were you able to resolve this?