Failed to log into ova

i have downloaded and ran the ova install on virtual box , however when the virtual box starts up , the terminal pops up with user and password credentials.
if i use administrator and admin , the login says incorrect login.
if i use frappe , and run the update , after all that updating , the Virtual Box ends up with a black screen.

so, you actually** can** login (frappe/frappe) but get an error on bench update then?

I suggest you tell us more about that and update your title according your actual problem.

(there is no system login administrator/admin on these virtual box machines )

Not sure if you saw the screen shot I’ve dumped onto this query. there is
no error on frappe/frappe , however when the update is done the system
wants either restart or something, but eventually it lands up onto the
login screen as when I first started.


to access the vm username and password is frappe (all small letters)

administrator/admin are the username and password for the admin account in Erpnext itself

and are you talking about updating the virtual machine or updating Erpnext?

Okay so if I type frappe/frappe , it takes me to the terminal , then what ?
It does not log into ubuntu as it should first before I can access a
browser to access erpnext.


First update ERpnext by going to frappe-bench folder
cd frappe-bench

then update erpenext
bench update

after it updates if your image is Development Image then you need to start manually (you don’t need this step if you are using Production Image)
bench start

then in your browser go to the address http://localhost:8080 and you should be able to login using administrator/admin

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You on to something , I think I’m using the development environment… I’ll
test this and revert.

Thank You Very Much

It seem not development because reachable at

Now you should go to your host system /NOT VM!/

and open a web browser /firefox, chrome …/
and try to reach it in this port:

Hope this helps.

So I downloaded the production ova , then loaded that into virtual machine
, virtual shows that it’s loading ubuntu but it brings the same black
screen with login credentials, so I’m back at square one .

Any ideas ? Maybe the way I’m loading the file onto the virtual…


are you saying you can’t login to the vm using frappe as username and password? I’m confused here

Gents it’s working , don’t know how but it’s working.

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No stress , I’m in the system just completed the company setup.

Thanks a mil


the current release of ERPNext is not the final release and its not suitable for a real business.
I’m as software engineer couldn’t make it work after a week struggling. i saw many different errors. I’m not sure if they even have tested their own product before release.
Good luck



Interesting tough.

Can you tell us more about the problem?

We using it daily basis without problem.
Some time practice may help beside education.

Forum search help a lot to find solutions.

Hope this helps.

Welcome, a growing mob might debate that.

Absolutely this product is a work in progress ‘rolling release’ challenging ambitious.

No question YMMV and we invite you to join the party and contribute what you can like your problem reports and expertise.

You likely will learn grow and enjoy that experience but that you have to discover!


Ok. Do you know whats open source means?