Fallback to default price list if item has no price in another Price List

Hi there,

not sure if feature is already there, but i didn’t find the code in the repo.

Let’s say there are 3 different Price List set:

  • Standard (default)
  • Wholesale
  • Retail

and different Warehouses, so that:

  • warehouse 1 has Standard Price List
  • warehouse 2 has Wholesale Price List
  • warehouse 3 has Retail Price List

Actually I’m not sure if would be possible to assign Price List directly to an Warehouse, but probably could be done an workaround assigning Price List to Pos Profile and a default Warehouse to Pos Profile.

Anyway, lets say a particular Item has only Item Price in Standard Price List, what Item Price will get if Item is sold from Warehouse 2 and 3 ? Do it get Item Price from Standard Price List?


Item price is pulled from rate in the item doctype if price of item is not in price list being used. It will not pull from another price list.

So price in Item Doctype will be the default one, isnt it?

That is correct.

To achieve what you want, write a custom script to update Item if the default price list is updated.


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Thx, i’ll nave a look