Farm Livestock Module

Hi community
First of all thank you for a great system in ERPNext. I am from South African Based IT Consultant (TSI
Consulting). I have been checking out the Agriculture module for a while now and this sparked an
interest in a sort of “extension” for an application that can manage Livestock in a Farm.
Please note that the current module exclusively manages an Agriculture facility i.e. Crop production. I
am interested in a system that can manage Livestock but i don’t have precise requirements at the
moment so we can all brainstorm on how it can be designed.
On top of my mind I think it should cater for:

  1. Recording the number of livestock
  2. Storing information about each animal (i.e. Unique Identifier, Type e.g. Horse, current weight, Cow,
    Age, Gender, Breed, Offsprings, Awards if it’s bred for sport activities, Reason for breeding etc)
  3. Livestock Cycle (Similar to the crop Cycle).
  4. Disease Management and Control (Similar to the one already implemented in the Agriculture
  5. Mortality of each animal must be recorded and reports based on the Type, disease, Breed, age etc
    must easily be produced to empower Farm management to make decisions.
  6. Production rate (especially for dairy like businesses) for each animal must be recorded and reports
    based on the Type, Breed, age etc must easily be produced.
  7. Sales recording of each livestock (Should be integrated to the Accounting Module or we may just use
    the current module as it is because it can fit the purpose).
    We may also include the Land Unit and Soil Analysis functionalities in the system.
    I am not sure if it would make sense to “merge” the Agriculture domain with this and rename it to “Farm
    Management” that allows the use to select what type of Farm they are using (i.e. Crop production or
    Livestock or just both). Please feel free to provide input and corrections on this.
    Thank you in advance.

This will be a great extension and am very intersted in livestock module or extension especially poultry

Hi, I have just join this community today. I am working with an organization which are into transforming lives of small dairy farmers. We are also looking for such kind of solution. We do have domain knowledge / requirement documents for such requirement.

Actually we have already developed one application and that is being deployed at farms across India.

We are open to help for domain knowledge.
Thank you


Hi Sbhekuza did you get any feedback on the livestock module? I’m interested. I’m in ZA as well, livestock farmer.

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Hello I am interested as well what if I am developer myself we should start making it ?

It’s a nice and interesting project :star_struck:

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Not yet @Senoamadi, I am seriously interested in getting this

Hi @Muzzammil_Hussain i guess someone from the Foundation needs to make a call.

when we have the call?

Thanks @Sbhekuza. Pity I’m only a farmer, have no idea where to start to get the ball rolling.

I would suggest looking at It would give you a good idea where to start. Managing Assets | farmOS

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when we can start this? I can write code

This was 2018. Has this been solved? We really need this module.

Sbhekuza, you could make any progress

Most of your requirements can be handled by additional docType creation and configuration. Any help required? Do you have an installed ERP instances?