Fatal: []: FAILED! => {"changed": false, "msg": "AnsibleUndefinedVariable: 'mariadb_version' is undefined"}

While installing I am getting this issue

I am using
php 5.6
MariaDB 10.3
ubuntu 18.08
Frapper Bench 4.1

ubuntu@ip-172-31-20-129:/home/frappe/frappe-bench$ sudo python install.py --production --user frappe

TASK [mariadb : Add repo file] *************************************************************************************************************************************************
fatal: []: FAILED! => {“changed”: false, “msg”: “AnsibleUndefinedVariable: ‘mariadb_version’ is undefined”}

PLAY RECAP ********************************************************************************************************************************************************************* : ok=10 changed=4 unreachable=0 failed=1 skipped=13 rescued=0 ignored=0

Traceback (most recent call last):
File “install.py”, line 425, in
File “install.py”, line 122, in install_bench
run_playbook(‘site.yml’, sudo=True, extra_vars=extra_vars)
File “install.py”, line 338, in run_playbook
success = subprocess.check_call(args, cwd=os.path.join(cwd, ‘playbooks’))
File “/usr/lib/python2.7/subprocess.py”, line 190, in check_call
raise CalledProcessError(retcode, cmd)
subprocess.CalledProcessError: Command ‘[‘ansible-playbook’, ‘-c’, ‘local’, ‘site.yml’, ‘-e’, ‘@/tmp/extra_vars.json’, ‘–become’, ‘–become-user=frappe’]’ returned non-zero exit status 2


Try running with following command :

sudo python install.py --production --user Your_USERNAME --mariadb-version 10.3 --verbose

Thank you Nikunj Patel
While running above command, I am getting this error
install.py: error: unrecognized arguments: --mariadb-version 10.3


Which install.py you are running ?

Please follow the instruction on the link below :


If you still face a problem we need to check in details of what is happening.

It seems the installation file you are running is not the correct. Did you check manually what if mariadb version if it was already installed on you pc.

To know the mariadb version follow methods on the link below :

Thank you Nikunj.
That mariadb version issue fiixed.

Now I am getting another error.

TASK [bench : Install ERPNext to default site] ********************************************************************************************************************************************************************
task path: /tmp/.bench/playbooks/roles/bench/tasks/setup_erpnext.yml:23
<> EXEC /bin/sh -c ‘echo ~root && sleep 0’
<> EXEC /bin/sh -c ‘( umask 77 && mkdir -p “echo /var/tmp/ansible-tmp-1591775162.2546453-279683806787035” && echo ansible-tmp-1591775162.2546453-279683806787035=“echo /var/tmp/ansible-tmp-1591775162.2546453-279683806787035” ) && sleep 0’
Using module file /usr/local/lib/python3.6/dist-packages/ansible/modules/commands/command.py
<> PUT /home/ubuntu/.ansible/tmp/ansible-local-92410f4umx96/tmpf471x2e8 TO /var/tmp/ansible-tmp-1591775162.2546453-279683806787035/AnsiballZ_command.py
<> EXEC /bin/sh -c ‘setfacl -m u:frappe:r-x /var/tmp/ansible-tmp-1591775162.2546453-279683806787035/ /var/tmp/ansible-tmp-1591775162.2546453-279683806787035/AnsiballZ_command.py && sleep 0’
<> EXEC /bin/sh -c ‘sudo -H -S -n -u frappe /bin/sh -c ‘"’“‘echo BECOME-SUCCESS-oofjgaezdskldsmyfcjykhivpnjunnix ; /usr/bin/python /var/tmp/ansible-tmp-1591775162.2546453-279683806787035/AnsiballZ_command.py’”’"’ && sleep 0’
<> EXEC /bin/sh -c ‘rm -f -r /var/tmp/ansible-tmp-1591775162.2546453-279683806787035/ > /dev/null 2>&1 && sleep 0’
fatal: []: FAILED! => {
“changed”: true,
“cmd”: [
“delta”: “0:00:00.583316”,
“end”: “2020-06-10 07:46:02.923127”,
“invocation”: {
“module_args”: {
“_raw_params”: “bench --site site1.local install-app erpnext”,
“_uses_shell”: false,
“argv”: null,
“chdir”: “/home/frappe/frappe-bench”,
“creates”: null,
“executable”: null,
“removes”: null,
“stdin”: null,
“stdin_add_newline”: true,
“strip_empty_ends”: true,
“warn”: true
“msg”: “non-zero return code”,
“rc”: 1,
“start”: “2020-06-10 07:46:02.339811”,
“stderr”: “/home/frappe/frappe-bench/env/bin/python: libssl.so.10: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory”,
“stderr_lines”: [
“/home/frappe/frappe-bench/env/bin/python: libssl.so.10: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory”
“stdout”: “”,
“stdout_lines”: []

PLAY RECAP ******************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************** : ok=72 changed=14 unreachable=0 failed=1 skipped=66 rescued=0 ignored=0

Kindly help me on this also,.


This is a libssl error try to install it manually.

sudo apt-get install libssl1.0-dev

Hope this will solve this error for you.


I have installed it But still I am getting the same issue.
“msg”: “non-zero return code”,
“rc”: 1,
“start”: “2020-06-10 07:57:25.085756”,
“stderr”: “/home/frappe/frappe-bench/env/bin/python: libssl.so.10: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory”,
“stderr_lines”: [
“/home/frappe/frappe-bench/env/bin/python: libssl.so.10: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory”
“stdout”: “”,
“stdout_lines”: []


Are you working with local machine. Is it possible for you to give remote access via teamviewer13.

Because this can go on for ever…


I am working in AWS EC2

We can work in Teamviewer…


hi you have installed teamviewer16… so i cannot connect.

download teamviewer 13 from the link below.

I have licensed version 13 so i dont want to upgrade.

I am using ubuntu, I will try to install tv 13 and let you know

Thank you Nikunj_Patel for your help on installation process.
You have done a grate job.