Fax from ERPNext

I’m trying to figure out how to make this work and need a little guidance. If I use a E-fax system (like an email system), would I be able to set it up so that I could choose EMAIL or FAX a document? I have many customers and suppliers that require fax instead of email. My thought was to create the purchase order for the supplier and then have FAX or EMAIL as option. If FAX, it would just use the e-fax to send it. Any ideas?

I’m on ERPNext Cloud if that matters.


Many fax services and multi function printers install some sort of psuedo printer that one can access from the system print dialog (ctl-p). For a Purchase Order, you could click the print icon , upper right , then Print button - and choose the fax printer, which will usually prompt for a destination number etc.

Of course what you really want is a Fax option in the dropdown Menu , along with Print, Email that would automatically compose the fax using the Contact fax number and transmit it. In order to build that into ErpNext it would require some sort of API for the e-fax service to interface wiith erpnext. Which e-fax services are you considering? Maybe someone has already developed something.

Thanks for the reply! Yes, what I really want is the Fax option. I’m actually willing to use whatever fax service works. I haven’t signed up for a trial or anything yet. I poked around a bit to see if there was anything already connected but didn’t find anything. Do you know of a place to look for all ERPNext integrations? The most popular is just efax.com.

Looking at a review of online fax services. It said some would let you simply email the recipients fax number @ the service and it would fax the attachment. The top rated service in the review offers such a service. I wonder if you added a contact that was the fax number @ the fax service you could send the Purchase Order using the service?

The review: https://www.pcmag.com/article2/0,2817,2385681,00.asp

The top rated service, pricing page - note the Can I Send a Fax by Email https://app.hellofax.com/info/pricing?