Feature: Better UI for List-View: More Space, Customize Column Width & More

As a User, I would want to be able to customize the list-view to my personal needs and improve the UI by adding some visual navigation elements.
Each numbered is visually referenced in the attached image.

  1. Be able to adjust number of columns e.g. more than 5 columns as of now.
  2. Make primary row adjustable: I want to be able to decide, which data is the primary row: either title or name or id or etc.
  3. Only the text in the first row should be a link, not the whole row. This can lead to unintended opening of the entry.
  4. Row width should be individually adjustable for every DocType.
  5. Make rows sortable by clicking on table head. If a sort is already active, because the user has already sorted by clicking on the row, the next sort should be a combination of current sorting result and last filter. e.g. first I’ve sorted by ID, then by name. The name sort should take the first sort-property as a primary weight.
  6. Ability to disable and enable ID/Comments/Assignee Field/Status display. If you have disabled it, the new space should be usable by the other columns.
  7. Pagination (Page 1, 2, 3 … 10). This is not vital. It is just a different approach of showing results.
  8. Update List after entry created automatically. Currently, we have to refresh to see new entry.
  9. Bug: When new entry is created via API and you look at the list-view, entries are added and showing more result that chosen in the results setting e.g. 20 | 50 | 200
    We have chosen 20 results as settings, but due to the update, 23 entries are visible. This should be updated automatically.

Feature: Feature: Better UI for List-View: More Space, Customize Column Width & more · Issue #8624 · frappe/frappe · GitHub
Bug: Bug: List View Update is displayed wrong · Issue #8623 · frappe/frappe · GitHub


We need these features too.

but I think it is better to split these features into a single issue to get more attention

I think you can do number 2 with this:

@Mohammed_Redha hink this will generate the Title of the entry, when a entry is created. What I want is to be able which Information is visible as the link. I think it should be adjustable, whether the Link is the title, or the Full Name or the Customer No. or whatever. Do you understand?

Maybe Splitting the issue is an idea, yeah. I will look into this in a few days.

I have just tried. You were right. One Problem fixed.

Hey @Mario_Truss,

  • This is the current POC of ListView that I am planning to merge.
  • Number of columns are predefined based on the screen width ie
    • width <= 1366 - 4 columns
    • 1366 < width < 1920 - 6 columns
    • width > 1920 - 8 columns
  • However this can be overridden via ListView Settings.
  • Number of Columns can range between 4 and 10.