#Feature - Configurable item bundle

We are selling products that require bundling together. But in the unlikely event a particular sub-item is missing and, where we can give an Alternative sub-item. ERPNext requires us to have that configuration saved, as a bundle beforehand as well.
Is it possible to have a feature to customize the bundle during the Sales Cycle, the most significant example I could give is buying customized laptop online. You start with a base and keep changing its specs to your liking.

I’m doing a quick poll if anyone is interested in such a development, cause I think it is a potential development area that could add a significant value to ERPNext.

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@drthilina: it is not possible out of the box. This will require some customization/custom app development.

In one of our projects that we are about to release soon we have implemented the similar feature for a manufacturer of customizable audio electronic devices.

I would really like to see such feature implemented. I do a lot “made-to-order” things, that are bundled from stock and non-stock items. Usually one to two different materials and service, all of which makes a new product. I’m using product bundle for repeatable orders, but it is impossible to make it for every unique order.

@gvyshnya, I belive most of the elements needed for it is available within ERPNext. In-situ customization of a bundle from the Sales side will greatly increase its use case.

From a business-process point of view, since we don’t have this feature, I have to teach any new sales person all of the products and combinations and some technical matters so that he/she can enter each item as per customers request. This is a tedious and erroneous task.