[Feature] Cordova Frappe Chat App

Uses the same code and UI as the Frappe Chat widget but in a Smartphone App
Pull Request: feat: Utilities for Cordova Chat App by SaiFi0102 · Pull Request #8718 · frappe/frappe · GitHub

It’s a very basic proof of concept for now.
Please test it out and comment/like for endorsement.


  • frappe.chat.website.get_chat_assets
  • chat-bundle.js in build.json


  • frappe.chat.sound.play wasn’t working
  • frappe.socketio.get_host to use frappe.base_url if in Cordova environment
  • Create new chat room dialog use Data field rather than Link field if no permission to read User

Cordova Chat App: GitHub - SaiFi0102/mobile at chat

Test Server: https://chatapp.mocha.pk
Test User: test@test.com
Test Password: 123
Prebuilt Debug Android APK (you can build your own if you don’t want to use this): https://drive.google.com/open?id=1P723EHBXFDb5FOjWfZhJ1rbIuTOtWfRq

You can send me a message at User: saifi0102@gmail.com
Please feel free to register if you need another User