Feature Enhancement is Attendance Doctype [HR Module]

Hi all, i am using Attendance doctype but it has limitations like we can only mark absent or half day or present. I am using biometri machine and i want ti see all the check ins and checkouts in the attendance.

I am thinking on a solution can some body share their experiences.

  1. I f we can add a child table in the attendance doctype and then it should be linked with the attendance.
  2. if it can be done then we can display all the biometric punches in the child table for a particular day.
    3 We can build some reports based on the checkins/checkouts and then can apply any kind if statistical analysis on that received data.
  3. We can calculate the penalties on the basis of the checkins/checkouts
  4. We can link this with the deductions of the salary.

Please share your thoughts on this.

kolate_sambhaji share your thoughts please.

@gsbaig points 1 and 2 have been asked for by quite a few people.
Maybe everyone can contribute to a bounty to get this integrated into core?
Points 3 & 4 need to be generalized as there could be quite a few iterations on how the incentives and deductions are calculated.

@adityaduggal could you please update on the shifts pull request ?