[Feature] Interview process in ERPNext

Tracking Multi-round Interviews

As we know Interview is one of the crucial processes to track during recruitment. This feature will help you to track multi-round interviews. This is the first cut for this feature. Go through the whole article and please provide us with some genuine use cases and Enhancements.


To schedule a multi-round interview and capture ratings based on Interview feedback.

Master Documents

These are some Master Documents involved in the process.

Interview Type:

You can define Interview types such as Competency-Based Interviews, panel interviews, walking interviews, etc.

Interview Round:

Interview Round contains Expected average Rating, Skillset to check, and a lot more.
  • You can define designation to filter Job Applicants during Interview creation. Use case: Like Technical Round is only for software Engineers.
  • You can predefine Some interviewers associated with that Interview Round which will be fetched during Interview creation.


Transactional Document


From here you can submit feedback, reschedule Interviews, and lots more…

Interview Feedback:

Feedback is given by the interviewer helps to rate their skillset.

Job Applicant Dashboard

To track job applicant interviews, you don’t need to scroll here and there.




  • Create Interview Type and Interview Round
  • Create Job applicant.
  • Create an interview.
    • You can create an Interview directly from the job applicant.
      Screenshot 2021-04-27 at 12 38 20 PM
    • You can also create an Interview from Interview Round.
      Screenshot 2021-04-27 at 1 44 26 PM
    • Or directly by filling the Interview form
  • After submitting the Interview. You can reschedule it before the scheduled date by clicking on Reschedule Interview.
  • On the Scheduled date, After taking the interview Click on End Session to end the session. which will change the status of the Interview from Scheduled to In review
    Screenshot 2021-04-27 at 12 59 54 PM
  • Now you need to submit Interview Feedback.
    • You can submit Interview Review directly from the Interview Document by clicking on Submit Feedback
    • It will open modal (Refer to the screenshot). fill the details and hit submit button.
    • Note: interviewers associated can only submit their interviews.
  • When each and every interviewer will submit their feedback status of the interview will automatically change to Completed
  • Now, you can view average ratings of interviews which will be calculated based on multiple Interview feedback submitted by the Interviewer at job applicant in the Interview analysis dashboard.
  • based on that you can change the status of a job applicant to Rejected or Accepted


  • User having Interviewer Role will only able to submit Interview Round, Interview, and Interview Feedback.
  • Job Applicants are not allowed to appear twice for the same Interview round.
  • The only Interviewer associated with the Interview will able to submit an Interview Feedback for that interview.
  • You will not able to submit Interview feedback before the Scheduled date.
  • Interviewer can not submit other interviewer’s feedback. the interviewer is only allowed to submit their interview.
  • Interviewers are not allowed to submit Interview Feedback twice.


  • Notification on Interview rescheduling.
  • Before the Scheduled time of the interview(as define in Hr Settings).
  • Notification for feedback submission
    • It will trigger when the status of the interview changes from Scheduled to In review.
    • Daily Notification for feedback submission until or unless the interviewer has not submitted their interview.

Pull Request Link
CC: @nabin @nabinhait @umair
Please, provide us with some enhancements suggestions, or ideas to improve the current workflow.
Note: These Enhancements and improvement will be covered in separate pull request


I can’t seem to find anything on Interview or Interview Round in my own instance. Can someone help?

Couldn’t find anything in the menu, but if you search for Interview, then you can define one

Searched, nothing either.

I have a very new installation, V13.13.0

In my case, an IT company has many teams (mobile, backend java, backend python, design UI/UX…), candidates will be interviewed by leader of each team. So, what is the best practise to set name of interview rounds? Should each team need create a new round and add the leader to interviewer section to reuse for future interviews?

Hi @winter_wolf do you have any advices for the case?