[Feature Proposal] Prices Lists updated by percentage

Hello Community.
We have a requirement raised by various clients.
They need to be able to update Price Lists by a given percentage, for example, 10%.

So we think this could be done by a DocType that has a table in which you can add the price list or price lists to be updated and an integer field to specify the percentage.

Doing it with a Doctype will allow having a history of price list updates.

We want to know what the community thinks of this feature and is generic enough to be included in ERPNext.

Due the rush of have this feature done, we will do it in a custom app, but if the community thinks it could be useful we will be glad to open a PR a contribute back to ERPNext (feedback and thoughts will be appreciated as well)


In mhy opinion this should be a standard feature in ERPNext.

By the way is it possible to be able to automatically update a price list based on recent purchase cost?


Probably a tree structure for price list would be a solution …leaf will inherits from ancestors …even if it’s kind of complicated thought

Having a history of prices would be very useful. Likewise the ability to simply add a percentage to a service all prices. I think this should be in core but as an option enabled/disabled. If we have a Delivery Route in core then I think in some ways this is arguably more important to include in core

Hi verywone, I’ll give you a snapshot of what we’re going to be uploading as PR these days.

In the future, or if someone wants to contribute, it would be interesting to cancel the transaction and return prices.



of course! in the PR :wink:

This is great ! Will this work where we can set standard pricelist and then add a std percentage for all prices in another pricelist say for a representative ?

Also it would be handy for us as well as having a percentage increase, to have a increase based on Gross Profit Margin too which isn’t quite the time as margin …

Is this possible in the meanwhile? If not, would you rather recommend customizing the current price doctype or instead create a new doctype where historic prices are stored?

I recomend you create a new one. Becouse its more easy for process the complexity of the script.