Feature Request - Attachment type and File Manager folder structures

I was wondering if only we needed this or if this a useful feature for more people. If so and if the guys at Frappe agree this would be great to have we can maybe all chip in?

The feature request lives here: Feature Request - Attachment type and File Manager folder structures · Issue #18678 · frappe/frappe · GitHub

I suggest every DocType has configurable attachment types that are in se selection list when a user uploads a new file.This would allow a clean structure within the DocType. Furthermore it would be ideal if the filemanager had a folder structure rather than a flat hirarchy. So for example if I uploaded a “certificate” type attachment into a supplier it should be stored under file manager folder structure: Supplier > Supplier Name > Certificate > {File}.

Partly this can be done by filtering File using Awesome bar.

  • Open File Manager and type into Awesome bar Find anyname in File
  • Filters will appear, Add / Edit filters to list required files.
  • Tags can also be used to filter

I tried adding a Custom Select Field with few options in File and that can also be used in filter.

Why isn’t filtering File available directly and only gets visible when searching with Awesome bar?
Filtering can show all Certificates irrespective of Customer as well as Certificate for the Customer.