[Feature Request] Better project web view


I am a service provider and I’ve found an undesired behaviour in ERPNext project web view. At this moment my customers can keep track of on going projects however they can’t keep track of completed projects.

We create projects and them we add our customer to the user table in the projects and then they are able to keep track of the project.

After a couple of weeks that a project is completed my customer comebacks to the project web view but they can’t visualize completed projects so we have to create documents that usually take hours to compile.

They don’t really want us making these reports and neither we want to make them. If the completed projects were available they could query the info that they want by themself.

My propose/request is to show projects to customers even if the project are already completed. We can help developing this change but we need guidance on this.

The best option is to implement a filter in web view the same way we have in desk. So any customer can filter what they want to see at any given time and sort it as they like but I understand that is something harder to implement.


nice idea rodrigo.giacobelli


I want to get back to this subject and expand it a little bit further.

We already have the filter developed in desk view so why can’t we use it in portal’s view? We are willing to help to develop this feature and we even consider sponsoring this feature. Not just for projects but for issues as well.

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My company would benefit from these improvements to both issues and projects! Would you be willing to work on a PR?

Max :slight_smile:

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