[Feature Request] Email Alert that triggers when Date matches Day and Month

Hello awesome people,

In our CRM and HR departments, we usually send out emails to congrat our employees, customers about moments, contracts, anniversaries etc… I tried to create such Email Alert but I don’t found out how.

I want to create an Email Alert that triggers when today’s day and month match some Date’s day and month in the past. So that every year, someone will receive a happy birthday email on their birthday. This will help our business save a lot of time.

Thank you,

Hi, have you tried putting conditions? Lets say for contract, you can have the due date to be considered in the condition. If due date is almost near then it will auto send an email. I think its possible.

I think you got it wrong sir, you talk about tracking the future events, I talk about tracking the past. For example, an email to remind an employee that they have worked 2 years in the company, or remind or supplier to remember this day last year we signed contracts.

Yes i think its possible. You just have to reverse your condition. So if joined date is 1 yr already, then send email. I think you also need to have extra fields as counters and scheduled task for this.

I understand your idea. I tried a similar solution, set Days After equals 365, but I want to send every year, not just 1 year.

Try this. Have a custom field for years and a scheduled task to update the years. The email condition will be on update of that particular field.

Is this now possible by having a condition set that checks for same day and month every year? Any formula that we can set in the condition to check if the day and month is the same?

Is this possible now to achieve mentioned requirement. Will help in saving time & manual efforts.

In HR settings, there is an option to enable/disable work anniversary reminders for the employees.

Users can setup similar cron jobs for other remainders as well.