Feature Request - Inter Company Transactions

Hello Team ERPNext/Community

I think it is time for us to consider incorporating inter company transactions into ERPNext.

The basic concept I have in mind is stated below

  1. Company A will be maintain Company B as both a supplier and a customer in its books and vice versa. This obviously will be special customer/supplier relationships. It should be created automatically by ERPNext once multiple companies are created on the database and the inter-company transaction option is activated.

  2. Inter Company Sales - A Sale Order in company A for Company will automatically generate a Purchase Order in Company B. Same for invoices

  3. Inter Company Purchases - A Purchase Order in Company A to Company B will automatically generate a Sales order in Company B. Same for invoices

  4. Payment for invoices by Company B will move the funds from nominated Company B bank account to nominated Company A Bank account.

The above are the basic requirement by a client of mine.

I do not know if we have many people who are interested in this feature, but if we do I am willing to co sponsor this feature so long as the ERPNext Team think it is worth having as part of core. I would not be comfortable having this as an app or separate customization.

So what does everyone think? ERPNext team is this something you would want to have in core?

ERPNext community is there anyone who would like to co sponsor this with me if the ERPNext team decides it can be part of core?

Warm Regards


Looks like this feature is not one that a lot of people require.

Oh well…will have to find a way of scratching this itch by myself.


Did you find a solution for this?