Feature Request (PDF overlay)

When we make a letterhead and footer , our pdfs are not like so professional
we are using pdf overlays in other systems to make it look brilliant

can this feature be implemented here?
I guess this not that hard for you
using python lib PyPDF2. page1.mergePage(page2) results with page2 overlayed page1.
in PdfExchange there is some settings for pdf overlay , they can be used.
Pdf Exchange overlay settings

also this method can be use to set up invoices , quotation , overlayed pdf shown and you deploy field onto it .so without knowing http ,css etc . you can do it .
people print their invoices with their printed invoice papers in Turkey. it is mandatory . so we have to make a section to fit in the place in printed invoice.

there is also know problem in pdf making. normal pdfs are ok , they are with letterhead etc.
but when you directly send it with ErpNext mail system. attachment has no letterhead and it is 2 pages even normally 1.

thanks beforehand
Best Regards

I was expecting a little bit action . but it is too barren around.

Hi you may refer here to my previous thread PR proposal watermark/background on every pdf page hope this helps :slight_smile:

Thanks for your reply. Unfortunately i am not capable of implementing those to my system due to lack of coding knowledge.

also i prefer using pdf over image , because a4 size image will make the output too big.
but pdf file may be much lower than image.
i tried to use my image printer to overlay my letterhead paper but outcome was not i expected.
it seems the outcome is act like an image.
sample overlay file
if you are developing it you can use the options in Pdf exchange overlay settings .
i think that feature to be ERPNext’s native feature