Feature Request: Routing Codes

In our company we have many different workstations which are involved in creating a product. This means that we need to be able to move materials from our central stock to a workstation and this also means, that we need to be able to consume these materials when an operation in a BOM is completed.

Example Operations:

  • Production Workstation
  • Packaging Workstation

Exmple BOM:

  • Component 1 → To be consumed in Production Workstation
  • Component 2 → To be consumed in Production Workstation
  • White Shipping Package → To be consumbed in Packaging Workstation

So when kitting this production order we would actually like to move the Components 1 and 2 as well as the Package items to the respective Workstation storage (this would mean this concept must be implemented). Now when an operation is completed the components must be consumed.

In oder to map BOM lines to Workstations we propose the concept of Routing Codes. Meaning a routing code like “Pack” could link the Item “White Shipping Package” to the Workstation “Packaging Workstation”.

What you are requesting can be done with the current system without adding anything. You just need to create Warehouses for each Workstation.

Also, components do not get “consumed”, so much as they get transformed into a different component. So processing a Production order takes one or more components and transforms it into a different component. What you may need to do is have BOMs for the output of each workstation (e.g. BOM 1 is the output of Production Workstation, BOM 2 is the output of Packaging Workstation).

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