[Feature Request] Sales Order from Quotation with a different currency

Hi, there is the possibility to add a configuration in Selling that allows changing the currency from previous docs?

If the configuration is set, the filter [“currency”, “=”] in the following method must be removed.

We can contribute with a PR.


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What is the use case for this?

Hello Rushabh.

In our country (Argentina), as in others countries in South America, the inflation and devaluation are constant.

Because of this, is common to create a Quotation in dollars but make the Sales Order and Sales Invoice in pesos (local currency).

In order to maintain the traceability of the Quotation > Sales Order > Sales Invoice, we need to have the option of changing the currency despite the previous document.


Yes Venezuela in particular -

By the end of 2018, the inflation rate in Venezuela will surge to 1,000,000%—yes, 1 million percent—according to the International Monetary Fund.

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For countries in Africa it is very common to create sales orders in USD and also sales invoices in USD, then ( to make it more interesting) we issue a govt based tax invoice using govt authorized POS terminal in base currency (local currency).

This is what also explained in the post addressed in Best Practice to Handle Multi-currency Supplier and Customer - #4 by aakvatech

My team made a pull request and its merged today.


We have to make an unrealized exchange gain / loss facility for such items so that it can be reported for accounting as well. We are already able to raise sales invoice in foreign currency and then receive the monies with converted rate to company currency.


This is what has been done.