Feature Request - Transporter Information and Managment

Hello everyone…

in our and many other businesses we have to send products to customers in our vessels, but we always had a problem in the big orders not fitting to our trucks…

what we need in the erp is a notification or calculation of products sent to customers when making a sales order / invoice to know which vessel will fit or what would be needed to be done.

for this feature to work the below basic information would be needed:

  1. Some options for transporters and vessels as below:
    A. Truck number
    B. Truck Capacity
    C. Truck Availability calendar
    D. other truck information
  2. Link to sales module to calculate the weight of the products.
  3. link to Driver contact.
  4. notification to the driver and add job to the calendar…

i think its not much hard and i am trying to make as much as i can using the knowledge that i have (very limited in python)…

i personally can contribute some from what i can to this job.


@ramielian You have to create New Master Doctype for Truck, Then each time when you deliver goods, you need to assign and free Truck.
Then you can make report for Truck Availability.

Simple work-flow you can do is.
On Making delivery note - assign Truck
On Submitting Delivery Note - Change Truck Status to Transporting Material/Not Available.
On Making Acknowledgment from customer(For this you can make one button in Delivery Note) - Free Truck for Next Transport

@kolate_sambhaji how about a calendar like availability? to check before the processing of the order or guessing which day is available and which is not…

@ramielian once we have data which Truck is Booked, which is Currently Transferring and Which is Available, we can easily make Calender Report present in ERPNext

@kolate_sambhaji you mean i should make this doctube and comit it to erpnext GIT?

@ramielian you can make separate app for now to develop this feature