[Feature Request] V11.0 Zero Quantity Sales Items

Hi all,

I’ve run into a problem upgrading a few of my clients to V11, there seems to be a new feature that limits the creation of Sales Order (and Invoice) items with ZERO as the quantity. All of my clients use items with zero quantity to show what they’re NOT charging for, but are taking into account when processing orders.

I’ve created a Pull Request with code which allows Administrators to turn it on and off in the Accounting Settings page. I’d love for it to be included into ‘master’ so I can keep my clients sync’d with this branch as its continually updated, I think it would be really beneficial to a number of ERPNext users.

I’m happy to answer any questions, just let me know what I need to do.


As mentioned in another thread, I have exactly the same problem. Zero quantity items are rather important in many cases.


If items are involved in process i dont think its a good idea to make the qty zero, why not just make the selling price zero instead? This will yield the same result - no?

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generally … new features are implemented into the develop branch which will become master with the next major release (v12). So by deign as of now there is not really a way to get a new feature into the master branch. Only bug fixes will go into master

+1 for that. That even shows how much of the items you may not charge for but have yet delivered the customers is getting for free. So this seems to even be more serving your purpose, then the 0 Quantity method you are asking to re-activate.

@vrms @hpema if only setting it to 0 rate was enough. Its not about how much you charge, but what in your invoices you thought of but excluded due to customer requirements. For example one of my clients is a language translation business, they charge per word and have a database of previous in-context translations they can pull from to make the price cheaper. For each language you have multiple line items, some for the translation performed by a translator, some performed by the “system” (or zero), and the proofreading (or zero). We need to show the zero quantities to show was will be/was delivered for each job.

I’ve got other examples of how important zero quantity items are if interested, keep in mind its not about price, its about quantity.

seems I don’t quite get it.

Looks to me in your example we have

  • item “Translation English:French” with 2 Variants
  1. Human translation
  2. database translation

Variant 1 has a price of x, Variant 2 a price of 0.

and you want to show how many (chargeable) variants 1 have happened and how many variants 2 (at price 0). Again I see quantity x with 0 as a price (and I don’t see 0 quantities).

So, if my lack of understanding is the problem here, maybe some of your other examples may be helping.

getting @nabinhait to review the changes you have made upon his request on the PR I’d say.

What you @Andy can do to push your issue forward is to upvote the PR (thumbs up in the emoticon section on the initial comment [which is ‘official currency’ in the ERPNext context]) and likewise gain attention.

hey @vrms

to put it simply there are a number of scenarios that my clients use to detail things explicitly NOT part of a quote or sale, but need to be identified within.

For the aforementioned translation business, noting that there were ZERO machine matches for the requested translation.

For a business I have that sells hot/warm filtered water products they put in there that the client explicitly has NOT chosen a 12 month support pack.

For a service business I work with that the client has NO continual hourly contract, and has requested a Time and Material only project.

I’m sure there will be more just within my client list, and I’m positive that there are others.

Any hints on how to get @nabinhait to review the PR again? I REALLY don’t want to run from a fork if I can avoid it, just brings up so many challenges.

I guess the basic thing is that logically Invoices show things the ARE and not things that ARE NOT.

Things that might have been part of a Sale earlier on and then are net being realized in the end probably woukd be visible by differences between a Quoation and Sales Order/Invoice. However I personally don’t mind ERPNext being able to go beyond that logic and have the Invoice do stuff which some may think it should not be done by the Invoice Document.

gather upvotes to the PR as described above

Zero qty means nothing how I can sell nothing?

if it’s free, price should be zero but not qty, if it’s a sample item price is zero not qty.

you can add line as description only without item code like service as a workaround.


Feature request is valid. Zero is a number and must be included! My use case I am charging GB of transfer bandwith. In January, the comsumption is 0GB, in February is 1GB.