Feature request: "View As" another user - user permissions

Our business is in complete development and we are learning more and more about different types of user permissions - at the same time we are creating multiple custom docytypes etc.

We have discovered that a feature such as “View As” another user where you would be able to preview a specific doctype to verify permissions etc, would be a great addition to the wonderful ERPNext.

Of course, this feature should exclusively be available to system managers and company administrators.

What do you think ? I have also created a GitHub feature request where perhaps people who believe in this feature request can vote: Feature request: User Permissions - View as another user · Issue #18946 · frappe/erpnext · GitHub

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Hello @Iulian_Olaru,

This can be done in the erpnext by setting the roles and permissions for user.

Go through this Link !

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Yes, of course roles and permission can achieve the concept of permissions.

What I am saying is, at least in my case, I would like to see what the user could see - it would be a way of checking the user and permissions are properly assigned.

Otherwise, you have to create the user, log off, log in to the new user, check the permissions … and if it’s not right, you must log off again, log into your system admin user, modify user permission, log off bla bla… a never ending process.

Facebook has this, you are able to view your profile as another user… hence verifying the privacy / user permissions

i think is Setup > Permitted Documents For User is what you looking for

What I am thinking of is a visual representation of how a doctype would look based on the permissions set, both doctype and field permissions.

An actual screenshot.