Feature Suggestion: Alert Block Styles for Text Editor

We use the text editor heavily and we would like to add an alert style “block” to text editor. It works pretty much like the code style, except that it uses the normal font and applies different colors. This is very useful to point out important things in instructions.

Is this useful to others? Will the maintainers accept this if we make the contribution?



When you click on the button it should allow for 5 selections:

- blue (border and font: #004085, background: #cce5ff)
- grey (border and font: #383d41, background: #e2e3e5)
- green (border and font: #155724, background: #d4edda)
- red (border and font: #721c24, background: #f8d7da)
- yellow (border and font: #fff3cd, background: #fff3cd)

See GitHub Issue Alert Block Styles for Text Editor · Issue #10725 · frappe/frappe · GitHub

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@dominik, Hope this will help.

link https://codepen.io/moghya/pen/wmKLYR