[FEATURE] Training Event

From this discussion [IMPROVEMENT PROPOSAL] Training (HR Module) - #13 by rmehta

Our team would like to improve Training Event and do the following feature improvements.

  1. Create Training Board Doctype to group Training Events. See following validations and features:
  • It is almost a copy of Training Event but without the Start Time, End Time and Location.

  • It has a Button Training Event to create Training Event from the current record.

  • It has a Dashboard to see Training Event references.

  • Once Training Event is generated from Training Board, it should fetch Attendees with “Open” Status

  • Once a Training Event link to the Training Board is submitted, Attendees status should be “Completed” for both Training Board and Training Event.

  1. Additional Fields in Training Event. (PR Merged in Develop branch.)
  • Has Certificate : To tag if Event will release certificate afterwards.
  • Level [Beginner, Expert, Advance] : to tag if event has levels.
  • Company : To identify which company the event is for.
  1. Add Calendar view in Training Event. (PR Merged in Develop branch)

I am not really liking the name “Training Board”…

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Can we have “Training” instead @rmehta ?

Training Module seems like a good name. So it makes sense when you have multiple “Training Events” for a “Training Module”

Cool. We will be using “Training Module” then. Thanks @rmehta!

Also try and keep fields as separate as possible. For example attendees should not be in module, but in Training Event. The content should be.

Try and keep the functionality consistent to what those DocTypes mean!

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Ok @rmehta, got it. Thanks!

@rmehta Training Module is a very bad name because, we have modular python. So ERPNext t has python modules like selling, account, etc etc. A doctype with prefix Module will cause a “namespace” conflict between developers because it will be the Training Module Doctype of ERPNext HR Module. I dont if you get my point.

Training Board isn’t the best one (i know) but was the sense of the physical object of “Announcement Board” where usually we found Training Schedule etc.

Anyway, @creamdory take this under you consideration for your PR.

@kickapoo most people don’t know anything about python :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Training Module is a commonly understood term IMO.

IMO the word Module is confusing more. In erpnext we have Account module, HR module, Buying, Selling and many other modules, now we will have the Training Module that isn’t actually a module… Doesn’t make sense. A crear Training is much clean name

If this is still open for discussion, does “Training Program” make sense.


Excellent choice!

@rmehta how this name "Training Launcher "

I agree that Training Program is a good name! Thanks @vijaywm