Feature wanted ? Fixed Job Card time, not depening on Work Order quantity (vote for PR)

Hello ERPNext user community,

Would you like a feature in ERPNext that allow fixed time in Job Card ?

I explain with a real example that I want to implement:
BOM for Item Cake is compose with items (Flour 100 Gr, Sugar 100 Gr) and 2 Operations (Warm oven: 10 mins, Bake Cake: 20 mins).
Actually in ERPNext when I launch a Work Order for 10 Cakes (with option convert Operations as Job Card) then result is 2 Jobs cards with planned time (Warn Oven 100 minutes, and Bake Cake 200 mins).
In this case, the oven can take only one Cake at a time, so I’m agree with the planned operation time for Bake Cake (200 mins), but I only need to Warn the hoven one time, in this case the planned operation time should be 10 mins, and not depending on quantity.

There is the “batch quantity” feature, but I don’t want to make a BOM for 1 Cake, another for 2 Cake, etc… My customer can order any quantity of Cake.

Do you want this feature ? Or are you able to deal without it in ERPNext, if yes, how do you do ?

If yes you can check at it here : GitHub Issues
Pull request : Github Pull request

Done !! Thank to Frappe Team’s to take time to accept external contribution.
It will be in version-14 (at least it’s in develop Operation time can be fix (not depending on quantity to produce) · Issue #27062 · frappe/erpnext · GitHub)