Features available (interfaces to webshop and shipping / picklists)

Hi All! :slight_smile:
I just stumbled over ERPNext, looks really great!
What I did not find though, was an answer to my following questions, maybe a more experienced user can help out?

  • is it possible to connect ERPNext to an external webshop via API?
  • is it possible to connect ERPNext to shipping software (like shipcloud or directly to say DPD or DHL) during the sales process and also update a webshop order with shipping information?
  • is it possible to use Picklists (in addition with barcodescanners; would also imply the creation of barcodes when receiving goods)?

Thanks for any hint!!

@torcolato welcome to the forum.

ERPNext has a clean REST API that you can use to connect with other apps


There is also a shopify connector you can look at as a template