Features/capabilities questions

for each question, if the answer is yes, pls detail if its a native option/feature in system currently & just requires configuration, or if it requires customization/code.

  1. can i do oncharging on purchase invoices? aka each line of each purchase invoice should be billable to a customer. it should be at the PO level. each purchase will have items that are billable to specific customers (not just 1). example: i buy 5 x item A, 10 x item B, 2 x item C from a vendor, all on 1 PO. 3 of item A & 2 of item C are billable to customer A. 5 of item B are billable to customer B. rest is billable to customer C. billable means somehow the system reminds us to bill (with markup) each customer for the respective items we purchased for them. netsuite/xero do it by having a billable checkbox. then on some date in the future, i can make a report that shows all the unbilled billable items accumulated to that point. when i go to make a new sales invoice for that customer, all the unbilled billable items are automatically there & i can check off the ones i want to include. the ones i leave unchecked appear the next time i enter a sales invoice for that customer. xero does it the best, so please look at their method for an example.
  2. how do i do period based tracking on all transactions? here is an example: i enter a transaction (invoice, payment, journal, any entry that effects any accounts) & date = 2015-11-15. i want to have another mandatory field on the transaction that has a drop down list of the calendar months for each year (2015-01, 2015-02, …, 2015-12, 2016-01, 2016-02, etc). the user can enter any (currently open) calendar month period regardless of the date of the transaction.
    so the 2015-11-15 transaction can have period = 2015-09 or 2015-11 or 2016-03 or etc. then i want to be able to do reports which can group &/or filter based upon that value. if grouped, each column of report can be a value from the period field, 2015-01, 2015-02, etc). if filtered to 2015-03 & 2015-04, then only transactions which have period = to those values appear on the report. netsuite does this exactly how i want, so please check there if my example is confusing.
  3. can i add custom drop down fields that appear at the transaction/document
  4. can i add custom fields that appear at the per line (per item) level on transactions?
  5. can i close only parts of transactions, for example close only the fields that effect accounts, but leave other fields (like email address or fields that dont materially effect our ledgers) open for editing by certain users who have that permission?
  6. can i automatically email reports (incl custom reports) or must i manually email reports?

thank you! even partial answers are appreciated.


  1. Custom Script can get it done
  2. Customize Form will help you add new fields and make it optional/mandatory from browser itself without coding.
  3. Yes, drop down as well as many other elements can be added very easily using Customize link under Menu button on any DocType.
  4. Yes
  5. Yes, Possible with Role and Permission Settings
  6. Not all reports get emailed automatically to you, but it can be configured to get daily weekly monthly reports

PS: Maybe I might have mis quoted some of the things mentioned above, open for correction and so please wait for other community members to respond to your query. Please try to redefine your point 1 and 2 for us to better understand in short context for more accurate answer from community.


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@yashodhan Could you please suggest, how to configure it? We also have similar requirement.