Features Proposal - UAE - Regional - HR Module

Hi All,

I would like to propose some localization contribution to add some features which are pretty standard and used in almost all the businesses here. I feel for new users this will help with a better out of the box experience

  1. Employee Doctype -
    Addition of UAE Government document related fields. i.e Visa Related, National ID Details, incase the employee is under a spouse or parent visa capture the expiry details of their respective documents. There is Wage Protection System (WPS) in place by the government to generate the report for it there is a Unique ID for all employees working here, A Nationality field (Also not sure why this is not already present, as it is there in Student profile :sweat_smile:) and finally an expiry date for Health Insurance
    Additionally I would setup default notifications set for HR Users and Employees to remind those users about the above mentioned expiry dates which are added part of setup which can be enabled by the user without having to create new ones

  2. Wage Protection System Report (*.sif Upload File) -
    Broadly speaking with all the fields in the Employee Doctype (current and proposed) and Salary slip doctype, the data is already present and can be generated using the report builder as this is just a comma delimited csv file with a different file extension *.sif
    I want to add a standard report or tool to generate the *.sif file

  3. Letter Request Form -
    Here to open a bank account or apply for credit card / loan or apply for a tourist visa etc. Most Banks or Embassy’s etc require a document from the Employer, which is prepared by HR team upon employees request, Its pretty basic form which captures certain fields from the Employee Doctype and Salary Structure ( if applicable )
    I want to add a doctype which can be used for this.

Points 2,3 are present in almost all HRMS / Employee Self Service applications used by HR Teams / Employees in this region.

I would like to contribute these features before V13 comes out. if there is something I have missed out or anyone has any other inputs, any feedback is welcome

we are working on point 2, and our expected release on February 2021.

Hi Zubaer, Any luck with this ?

We finished points 1 and 2.
For 2, we made a separate pay slip module which generate WPS file as well.

is this feature "payslip which generates WPS files available now? in which version?

no it is not in ERPnext, you have to make it as in custom, as I did for my company