Fee sibling discount

First I have to say, that the more I explore ERPNext the more I like it :slight_smile: Thanks for the great work :thumbsup:

In a student record I can add siblings to a student. In our school we have discounts on the school fee for siblings, so if a family with three children is enrolled in our school, than the second and third child gets a discount (e.g. 30% off). Is it possible to integrate that in the fee module so it calculates the right amount for siblings of a student?


I think you will have to manage that scenario manually as of now. But lots of updates coming the the Fee module!

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Hi @rmehta, thanks for the quick response. I’m looking forward to the updates!

@rmehta @neilLasrado Is this use case possible with the new fee module? Something like a % discount rule would be great, so the discount gets automatically calculated.

Hi @zefanja ,

We haven’t added the discount doctype yet. You can create a GitHub issue for the same with the detailed functionality and then we can work on that.

Done :slight_smile: Fee discount for children of employees and siblings · Issue #11497 · frappe/erpnext · GitHub

Hi @zefanja

I believe the feature still missing, i hope you have found a solution during these years

Is this working?
How can we use discount at Education Module?