Fee Structure Category wise

I did the following in the Education module

  1. Created Fee Structures for a Program, Category-wise, separate for Open and OBC
  2. When I run Fee Schedule, on selecting the Program
    a. Student Group is not auto-fetched
    b. On selecting the Student Group, all the students are fetched and a fee record is created for all students instead of filtering the students based on Student Category (Open or OBC)

Is this a bug? Or am I doing something wrong
@ManasSolanki your help will be appreciated

Hi @Manan_Shah,

I don’t think it’s a bug but the required feature is missing. I have made the changes to fetch students based on student category while creating the student group. With this change when the fee schedule is created you can add the student group created with student category filter.
@ManasSolanki @scmmishra let me know your opinion so that I will create the pull request.

Hey, create the pull request, there on the github thread we can review the code as well as the logic. Hard to comment anything without looking at the implementation!

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Hello @scmmishra ,

Request you to kindly elaborate on how do I push the changes to add a custom docfield to core doctype Student Group. After having read the posts, I understand that changing the json file manually is not a good idea. As such, I tried to customize the doctype “Student Group” from web interface, but i get the error “Core DocTypes cannot be customized.”
Please provide the directions.

You’ll need to switch to developer mode first (best to create a local/development instance for this. You can follow this guide). That can be done by adding: "developer_mode": 1 in your site/common-site config.

Once in developer mode, you can make changes to the doctype structure via Doctypes.

Making changes here will affect the JSON file (the desired output). You can do a quick test and then send a PR to the relevant branch.

Thank you for the guide.
@scmmishra Here is the pull request

Student Group with Student Category filter

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This patch was accepted and merged in develop branch.