Feedback Trigger Based on Set Number Of Days


I would like to trigger Feedback based on set number of days in my case every 60 days.
I would like to get in touch with a list of emails from the communication received and send them the feedback trigger.

My conditions are

  1. Send only 1 feedback form to each user. Dont duplicated if multiple issues have been closed
  2. Send one feedback every 60 days if atleast one communication exists on ERP
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For now, it is configured to be sent based on the transaction, where communication is linked.

For now, there is no option to trigger email based on no. of days. Perhaps you can add some condition based on the transaction’s status and date.

Thank you umair for you help.

So what I have now done is created a datetime field in the document and am looking to create an automated trigger based on this field. I am using the following condition


However it appears that nowdate() doesnt seem to be working.
The error is

The condition 'doc.due_date==nowdate()' is invalid