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Just wanted to check about something. There are cases in the school
where the school authorities have to give concession on the fees. It
could be because of RTE or Economically weak section or because of
students being the children of the staff, or some such thing. I tried
creating custom fields inside the Program Fees doctype and was able to
give concession, and the Program fees also reflected the discount given.
But, when I submitted the form, the Fees created was again showing the
original fees. On checking the py files, found out that the api.py is
picking up the records from the original fee structure.

Is there any way that I can create concession fields and give concession
on the actual fees amount? If I have to customize, where should I do it?
At the Program fees level or at the Fees level? In the Fees level, I
notice that the form is already submitted and I cannot make any changes,
other than Collect the Fees.

Please advise.


@neilLasrado please check.

@UmaG You will have to customize at the Program Enrollment level. Maybe also add a field in the Program Master Fees table to store the Category for which the fees applies.

Also raise a feature request on Github. Maybe we can add this as a feature.

Thanks a lot for the response. I will try to do it as per your suggestion. Meanwhile, I have also added it as a feature request on Github. Feature Request: Fees Module - Include Concession Amount · Issue #6208 · frappe/erpnext · GitHub :slight_smile:


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