Fees Installment for students

Good day for everyone
i am trying to implement erpnext for Student Training Center, I need to setup a fees installment and which is due in specific date , and there are different discount categories ,another thing the tuition fees is in Ryal which is the base currency but the registration fees is in USD how to implement that or add it to the fees components please see the fees structure below

Registration fees= 200$ paid in two phases. The first phase is at the beginning 100$ and the second phase 100$ in May
YLP 19 Month Installment
1.Self Payment 2021-01-18 40000 YR
2021-02-10 40000 YR
2021-03-10 40000 YR
2021-04-05 40000 YR
2021-05-23 100 $
2021-06-10 40000 YR
2021-07-05 35000 YR
2021-08-10 35000 YR
2021-09-05 35000 YR
2021-10-05 35000 YR
Total cost 340000YR
YLP 19 Month Installment
2. 30%discount for those who got 90% score High school

|18-Jan-21|30000 YR|
||10-Feb-21|30000 YR|
||10-Mar-21|30000 YR|
||05-Apr-21|30000 YR|
||23-May-21|100 $|
||10-Jun-21|30000 YR|
||05-Jul-21|30000 YR|
||10-Aug-21|26100 YR|
||05-Sep-21|20000 YR|
||05-Oct-21|20000 YR|
|Total cost || 246100YR|

i would appreciate if anyone can point me to the right way to implement this fees structure ,does it supported by default or i need to customize the module .